Fitvil is our way of accounting for our runners! Using Fitvil allows us to maintain your attendance, emergency contact information, and create milestones for your participation with our group runs! Check below to see our rewards and milestones via Fitvil use! 


Step One: Sign-Up for FitVil here

Step Two: Confirm your registration via e-mail and fill out your profile.

Step Three: Once your profile is filled out click here and join the group that is right for you! 

 Have questions or problems? Please contact Jessicah at training@fleetfeettacoma, Subject: Fitvil

FitVil More Info »

Program Start: Create your Fitvil account and register for your next Training Group
Program Schedule: Check out our website for all current programs.
Program Fee: Various fees depending on programs
Description: Fitvil is our online platform for training group registrations, waivers, correspondence and attendance while training with us. Create an account and then set a new goal by registering for a training program with us.

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