Coach Super Sabrina

I am just a girl who likes to run.  A lot.  You can either call me crazy or inspirational, or crazy inspirational.  My mission is to share my love of running with anyone who wants to listen or keep up.  I could tell you how many marathons and ultras I have run, but it will likely change this weekend.  Let’s just say that I’m rapidly closing in on 100.  I truly believe that we were born to run.  Not that I myself run barefoot as in the famous book, but biomechanically we are made to move in the forward direction while upright and it should feel good.  Our American lifestyle hinders the beautiful gift we have of running.  Unwinding the impact takes time, but once you get there it’s amazing.  You can get to the point where running becomes like meditation.  It’s as if you are floating.  Trust me.  You can get there.  It’s a transcending place.  It starts with taking the first step and trusting yourself.  Let’s knock down those proverbial barriers and get you there.

Run on!

Super Sabrina (Marathon Maniac #3397)

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