Half Marathon

*Sports Bra/Technical Underwear
*Technical Apparel
*Hat or Headband
*Compression Sleeves and/or Socks
*Body Glide or Blue Steel Anti-Chafe
*Foam Roller or Grid Roller
*Trigger Point Kit
*GPS watch
*Headlamp and/or Strobe Light
*Reflective Vest
*Handheld Water Bottle or Hydration Belt
*Nuun, Heed, Perform or other electrolyte replacement drink
*Pre/During/Post Run Nutrition- Bars, Gels, Chews, Recovery Drink, etc


Here is a list of all your race day needs. Some items may be dependent on weather.
-Body Glide or Blue Steel
-Sandals or recovery shoes
-Dry Socks
-Dry Clothes
-Recovery Drink and Food- Recoverite or Recovery Drink Mix, Protein Plus Bar, etc
-Light Rain Jacket
-Hydration Gear-Bottle or Belt
-Nutrition- Gels or Chews
-GPS Watch

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