Good Form Running


GFR classes are offered at our Bonney Lake and Tacoma Store Locations: 

Are you sure that GFR will work for me? Yes. GFR has had an incredibly positive response and success rate. We believe the reason for that is the fact that GFR simply encourages you to move your body the way it was designed.

Will GFR make me faster? Potentially. Increasing your speed has many contributing factors. GFR will make you more efficient and help to prevent injuries, both of which largely contribute to making you a faster runner.

Since I’m changing my technique, will my muscles be sore? You will very likely experience some soreness. Chances are you have been under-working some of the key running muscles. However if the soreness persists past a few runs, you need to reassess your mechanics.

 I run for enjoyment and stress relief. Will this make my running less enjoyable?Definitely not. Your mind is an amazing computer and you can be very conscious of your body without feeling like you can’t relax. Initially making changes requires a certain level of concentration, but soon it will become natural.

 How long does it take to master GFR? Every individual is unique. If you run every day or if you are naturally in-tune with your body, changes can come within a few days. For some it takes six months, even a year. “Mastering” GFR requires practice, reassessment, & more practice. 

Do some people attend GFR more than once? You are more than welcome to attend the GFR clinics as many times as you want. 

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